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Effective weight management starts with making the right lifestyle changes for you.

Improve your health by gaining a unique insight into your genetic response to nutrition. We test a selection of key genes to help you understand more about your body, so you can adapt your lifestyle to your needs.


Power or endurance? Risk of injury? Speed of recovery? Gain unparalleled knowledge to optimise your training.

Understanding your genes is the exciting new level of information available to athletes of all levels. Know the variants of the genes that you carry, and become better informed to get the most out of your training.

Fitness Diet Pro

Our high-end panel of Fitness and Diet genetic markers tested at a great price.
This list of comprehensive results awaits you:

» Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Response

» Lactose & Coeliac Disease Predisposition

» Genes associated with liver detoxification

» Genes associated with Anti-Oxidant need

» Genes associated with Vitamin & Micronutrients

» Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Sensitivity

» Power and Endurance Response

» Post-Exercise Recovery Speed

» Injury Risk Profile

» Recovery Nutrition Needs

» Aerobic (VO2 Max) Trainability

» Full Genotype Report and Break Down

» DNA Collection Kit and Sample Analysis

» Test results explained

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Danny Cadwallader
PT at Serious Fitness

http://restaurantapplianceparts.com/sildenafil Pro Nutrition Clinic has a top class set up made very easy. Myself and my partner both live busy lifestyles and these programs are easy to record and follow.
I had some training problems due to a change in nutrition and these were sorted out extremely quickly and efficiently.  buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

Lee Markham
Professional Boxer

where to buy Lyrica uk I’ve worked with a few nutritionist but Paul was by far the best. I felt fuelled and strong for my contest and made the weight comfortably. Paul to work with was a pleasure, a top bloke. I’m looking forward to working together next year and getting down to middleweight.  http://gustavosylvestre.com/economia/alejandro-topo-rodriguez-no-hay-margen-para-no-celebrar-el-acuerdo-salvo-que-no-haya-compromiso-con-argentina/

Boy Jones Jnr
Professional Boxer

 I recommend Pro Nutrition Clinic to anyone who wants to sort out their diet and lifestyle.
The owner and coach, Paul, is responsible for my weight cut and fight camp nutrition. I always feel fully prepared come fight night and I couldn’t ask for much more