Fitness Consultation

The aim of our fitness consultation is to build a picture of your current lifestyle and body composition. We’ll asses your current diet, exercise, non-exercise activity and sleep. We’ll make recommendations based on the information you give us and your current goals.

This consultation will provide you with a blueprint of the lifestyle changes needed to move you towards your goal.

What to expect from our consultation:

  • Weight check
  • Body composition measurement with highly accurate ultra sound equipment
  • Health report detailing
    • Body Fat percentage
    • Lean Body Mass
    • BMI
    • Calculated BMR (basal metabolic rate), based on activity
    • Relative disease risk (Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes)
    • Waist to Hip ratio measurement
  • General meal plan based on our 5 lifestyle principles
  • Food diary example showing you how to structure your daily meals
  • Shopping list

You will come away from our consultation with real tangible data that you can measure future success against.

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