52 Week Athlete

52 Week Athlete

Our 52-week athlete programme is for serious athletes looking to stay in shape year-round and be ready to compete when the time comes. This long term approach allows the coach and athlete to build a strong relationship while we learn how the athlete responds to different foods and protocols. This year-round approach allows us to create long term plans in a periodised and structured manner. We can build good nutritional habits to maximise the athletes training adaptations, performance and recovery. We can effectively manage body composition and set the athlete up for a better and more productive fight camp and weight cut.

Programme Benefits

  • Access to our monthly performance recipe packs giving you endless meal choices to fuel training and manage your weight effectively
  • Weekly meal plan examples with each recipe pack
  • Access to our high-performance resources
  • Diet recommendations for performance, recovery and body composition
  • Supplementation guide
  • Weekly coaching check-ins
  • Access to our food logging app
  • Request for food intake analysis at any time
  • Request for a consultation at any time
  • Long term planning for maximum results
  • Discounted meal prep
  • Discounted supplements
  • Discounted fight camp programme
  • Discounted testing

£35 per week (discounted to £600 per six monthly payment)

NOTE: This service has a minimum of a 12-week commitment

Email: info@pronutritionclinic.com

Location: Essex, United Kingdom