Athlete Performance Programme

Athlete Performance Programme

Designed for athletes at all levels, our one-to-one performance programme looks at your goals and training requirements to provide individualised nutrition guidance to optimise health and performance. Following an initial consultation, you will receive guidance on meal planning, meal timing, hydration and supplementation. You’ll have access to our food logging app which allows us to monitor and analyse your weekly food intake which is the cornerstone of our one-to-one programme.

Each week we’ll have a consultation to discuss the analysis of your food intake, how you felt and performed during the week and the plan for the coming week. Each weekly consultation will help keep you accountable, focused on your goals and take your performance to the next level.

Benefits of our performance programme

  • Performance centric programming
  • Individualised nutrition guidance
  • Individualised hydration & supplementation guidance
  • Personal food logging app
  • Weekly food intake analysis
  • Weekly consultation
  • Discounted meal prep
  • Discounted supplements
  • Discounted testing 

Email: info@pronutritionclinic.com

Location: Essex, United Kingdom