ginseng price There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to diet and nutrition. At Pro Nutrition Clinic we pride ourselves on looking at each person as an individual and have created a program that coaches you exactly how to eat for your individual body and needs. Whether you are an office worker looking to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump or a professional athlete looking for optimum performance, we have a program to help.


dna testing

buy synthroid 50 mcg A quick 60-second saliva test will tell you exactly how your body responds to diet and exercise… £189

at home blood test

buy Maxalt in mo From the comfort of your own home. A blood test that analyses health markers across 5 key categories… COMING SOON


in person coaching

A months-long nutrition programme, including meal plans, food logging app, coaching and weekly body composition measurements… £247

online coaching

A months-long online nutrition programme, including meal plans, food logging app, weekly coaching call and daily support… £197

Additional Programmes