Full Fight Camp Support

Full Fight Camp Support

Complete fight camp support for athletes getting ready for competition. Following an initial consultation, we will use a series of test protocols to establish your unique physiology. From here  we will put together a bespoke fight camp plan that takes you through a four-phase process based on your needs. 

Phase One – A nutrition plan designed to strategically reduce weight while optimising each training session and boosting recovery.

Phase Two – A bespoke fight week strategy including a weight-reduction plan designed to bring you down to fight weight.

Phase Three – Weigh-in day. In-person guidance that walks you through any necessary acute weight cutting methods.

Phase Four – Rehydration and refuel. Often overlooked and arguably the most important part of fight camp. We put together a tailored plan to optimise your hydration and refuel, allowing you to perform at your best.

Benefits of full camp support

  • Comprehensive body composition analysis
  • Metabolic testing (pre & mid camp)
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Supplementation plan 
  • Fight week strategy
  • Weigh-in day guidance
  • Post weigh-in strategy (hydration & refuel)
  • Daily support
  • Meal prep 
  • Supplements

NOTE: Our fight camp programme can be adjusted to suit your needs and budget.

Email: info@pronutritionclinic.com

Location: Essex, United Kingdom