Pro Tip – Cows Milk Alternative

I’ve found myself drinking a lot of cows milk lately, and I feel like it’s given me the adverse effects of, bloating, brain fog and generally just feeling fatigued. So I’ve looked into a cows milk alternative.

Having looked into cows milk, it’s easy to see why we get these kinds of reactions.

First off…

there is the lactose, the sugar in milk. If, like the majority of the world’s population you’ve stopped producing the enzyme lactase you’re going to struggle to break down the lactose and you’re going to show the signs of being lactose intolerant.


and potentially more scary is that cows milk has in it a protein called casein and this is  particularly hard for the human body to break down, the initial signs of this are bloating and a general puffy look to your appearance, but worse than that, casein can inflame your arteries and when we start thinking about heart disease this is something we definitely want to stay clear of…

So whats the alternative?

Well if you are anything like me you are fussy about how your milk should taste. Let’s take a coffee for instance, black coffee makes you pull a face like you are taking a shot of tequila with every mouth full, Soya milk is too inflammatory and the taste of almond milk is just too nutty to go with coffee.

Here is what is working for me at the moment.

Cows milk alternative


For coffee, either a latte or instant with a large splash of milk, I’ve been using full-fat goats milk. Goats milk has a closer resemblance to human milk than cows milk so doesn’t present the same problems that come with cows milk.




What i use as a cows milk alternative



Another good alternative I use with coffee is an emulsified MCT oil. This is great if you are training and following a low carb plan. The MCT oil gives you that energy boost you need.




The only other time I use milk is when making certain breakfasts, either our own Pro Bowl or something like oats. With these, I use either almond or coconut milk, although I find that almond milk does have a partially nutty taste. 

plant based cows milk alternative

Everyone’s taste is different but give them a go and let me know what you think.

Hope this was helpful.

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Pro Tip – Cows Milk Alternative
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