We offer a range of tests to assess your unique physiology and metabolism. Our testing protocols coupled with the latest science in the field allow us to take an informed, best practice approach in our programming and recommendations. This allows us to dial into your unique metabolism to maximise health, performance and weight management.

Body Composition

We use professional-grade ultrasound technology to accurately measure body composition and gain a detailed breakdown of your body’s core components of fat, muscle mass and body water. A detailed body composition measurement provides a better glimpse into your overall health and is a vital measurement for weight making athletes when considering their weight class

Single test £50 / Double test £70

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)

Indirect calorimetry or breath by breath analysis is considered the gold standard for metabolic testing and it is via this method we can take a direct measurement of your resting metabolism. As a result, we can accurately determine your body’s resting energy requirement (daily calories), as well as your body’s resting fuel preference (fat or carb-burning at rest). This information allows for accurate nutrition planning unique to you. 

Single test £80 / Double test £130

Active Metabolic Test

Our active metabolic test is used to analyse your fitness and metabolism through increasing levels of exercise intensity up to your max effort. The test can be performed on several modalities including a treadmill, assault bike or rower using several different test protocols to suit the athlete’s goals and discipline. 

The working test allows us to assess the following metrics:

  • Vo2 Max – Your body’s ability to supply oxygen to working muscles
  • Metabolic Efficiency – The fuel substrates (carbs vs fat) that your body uses during different exercise intensities and how these change
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Thresholds – Exercise capacities and their relationship to different energy systems within the body
  • Training Zones – Personalised heart rate training zones

Single test £110 / Double test £190

Sweat Test

How you sweat and how much you sweat has a direct impact on your performance and every athlete sweats differently during exercise, depleting the body of sodium and water. The amount of salt that needs to be replaced during and after exercise can be determined by testing the sodium concentration of a sweat sample collected during activity. 

Our simple sweat test will provide all the information you need to personalise your hydration. 

Single test £130

Testing Packages

Indirect calorimetry or breath by breath analysis is considered the gold standard for metabolic testing and the data gathered gives us an insight into your unique physiology and what needs to be improved for better health and better overall athletic performance. For a comprehensive look at your unique physiology and seeing exactly where improvements can be made take a look at our test packages where we group tests together to maximise the testing time with the athlete.

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