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After spending many years in boxing, founder Paul O’Neill started Pro Nutrition Clinic in 2013 with the aim of improving nutrition within the sport. 

Too often we hear the terms “the fight was left in the gym” or “he was beaten on the scales”. These terms come from a sense that the fighter’s speed, skill and accuracy were exasperated before making weight and fighting, or where a fighter is put through such a demanding weight cut that they can’t recover in time to fight.

In short, fighters leave so much on the table in terms of training adaptations and performance because of bad nutrition choices, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Our aim at Pro Nutrition Clinic is to change this narrative and send fighters into battle, healthy, fuelled and in the best possible shape to perform at 100%.

Used correctly, nutrition can be a powerful tool in optimising health and performance. This is why at Pro Nutrition Clinic we want to dial into your individual metabolism with a science led, informed approach from our comprehensive testing protocols.

Paul O'Neill

I started boxing as a nine-year-old back in the 1980’s at my local amateur boxing club and quickly fell in love with the sport. I boxed for a few years as an amateur, then moved onto the fast-growing unlicensed scene where I had a couple of bouts without the vest and head-guard. One of my biggest regrets was not giving the paid ranks a go.

Boxing is very unique, I love the training, the competition, the discipline and dedication needed for this tough sport. But, then there’s making weight and I think I share the same thought as many fighters, that when done incorrectly, making weight is one of the worst parts of boxing.

My passion for nutrition is also deeply rooted in my childhood. I come from a family that struggled with weight problems and I was no stranger to battling weight myself. I know the unwavering dedication it takes to slim down and still be able to perform in a sport like boxing. From a young age I quickly discovered the power of good nutrition and the good habits needed to shed excess weight. It was inevitable that my passion for nutrition and love for boxing were going to come together.

Although my formal nutrition education didn’t come until late in life, my involvement in the practice of helping fighters with their fight camp nutrition goes back many years. I took the dieting principles that worked to manage my own weight and help the guys in the gym apply those same principles to their own diet.

Putting my passion for nutrition into a formal education I qualified, with an Association for Nutrition (AfN) certified diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management, plus an AfN certified diploma in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. This later allowed me to start Pro Nutrition Clinic in 2013 with the aim of improving nutrition in boxing and optimising the health and performance of every fighter I work with.

Recent years has seen a real growth in combat sports science, which is slowly driving an evidence-based science underpinning to practice within the field. I think we have a way to go before we completely change the weight making culture in boxing, but with the sport now adopting these sciences more and more I am excited for the future.

Paul Oneill






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